Heaters for extruders and injection molding machines

This type of heaters are widely used in industry for heating surfaces by contact method. They are designed for heating extruder housings, molds, tanks, nozzles, cups, injection molding machines, etc.


Depending on the construction of the heated surface this type of heaters may have several versions: 

  • tubular one-end or double-end heater with a diameter 6,5÷8,5mm wrapped around the nozzle or placed in the groove of the mold; 
  • a flat oval heater with the dimensions of 6x12mm, installed similarly to previous heaters; 
  • micaceous flat or clamp heaters are made in the form of a tape of wire with a high specific electrical resistance, wound on a flat frame made of micaceous laminate or micanite. This type of heater can be made in the form of a flat plate and in the form of a ring (so-called "ring" or "clamp" heaters). The specific power of this type of heater is up to 3,5 W/cm2, the maximum operating temperature is up to 350°C. 
  • ceramic flat and clamp heaters. These heaters are similar in construction to micaceous ones but instead of micaceous frame, plates and hichrome tape they use ceramic pads with holes with heating spirals inside. This type of heaters has specific power up to 6 W/cm2 and working temperature up to 550°C. 

The right choice of the heater depends on operating temperature, work intensity, installation dimensions, etc.