Heaters for oil products

Mortise heaters are used to heat up stringy oil-petroleum products (tar, bitumen) in heat insulating vessels up to 170°C and to keep their temperature according specified limits. 

Exploitation conditions depend on climatic factors in accordance with State Standard 14150-64, ambient temperature is from -45°C up to +40°C, relative humidity is 80% when the temperature is 20°C. 

Standard mortise heaters are made of carbon steel. The heater consists of flange with pipe (sometimes it can be 3 pipes), there are tubular electric heaters inside of it. A protective lid is fixed to flange protecting contact sets of heaters from atmospheric effects. A feed cable is connected to heaters through a branch pipe. The heater is fixed to frame of a vessel with the help of welding. It’s necessary to foresee a stand to prevent deformation of a pipe in process of exploitation. 

It can be manufactured in submersible version.