Heating element for food processing equipment

Plant «Adipol» develops and manufactures  tubular electric heaters for different food processing equipment. This type of tubular electric heaters is used in equipment of public catering establishments (in canteens, cafes, restaurants) – water heaters, steam table, boiling pans, baking and roasting racks, electric frying pans, electric stoves, steam convection machines and other equipment.

The plant manufactures both standard heating elements and tubular heating elements according to customer drawings and requirements as well as according to samples of customers.

Tubular electric heaters are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of State Standard 13268-88. The sheath of the heating elements is made of high quality stainless steel. It allows to increase the service life of the heaters. The advantages of these heaters are their safety, resistance to shocks and vibrations, high operating temperatures.   

Heaters for electric burners working at very high temperature are manufactured using a special technology that ensures their durability.