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The form of the application

You can send the application for manufacturing necessary Tubular Electric heater in this way:

You can fill this form in an electronic kind and send us by e-mail (by means of your post program or through the form of the order on our site).

To fill the below-mentioned form.

The fields specified by asterisks, are obligatory for filling!

The name of the organization*
Contact person*
1 - contact part
2 - spiral
3 - contact core
4 - filler
5 - hermetic
6 - insulator
7 - contact part
La- length of heating up part
Ln- length contact
Lr- the developed length TEH
1. Working heated up*
2. Material of the case*
3. Capacity TEH (kW)*
4. Voltage (V)
5. Design TEH (describe)
or attach a file with the sketch
6. Quantity*
7. Developed length TEHLa(mm)*:
8. Diameter TEH (mm)*
9. Length of a contact coreLn(mm)*

10. Presence of the union*
11. Material of the union*
Enter code*:
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