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Costal heaters

Tubular electric heaters with finning are mainly applied to heat moving or still air and used in industrial and household electrical air heaters, convectors, fan heaters and other systems. Finning can increase the surface area and consequently to reduce the watt load or increase the ultimate power at the same length of the effective part of the cartridge electric heater. The construction consists of a tubular electric heater with finning tightly fitting to its active surface and made of steel (St.08 or stainless steel) corrugated tape wound on the shell of the cartridge electric heater spirally and welded to it at the edges using electric welding.

We are able to manufacture finned tubular electric heaters of all diameters and lengths produced by us up to 6 meters. At that the beginning of the heated zone should be located in the finning area.


The width of the finning strip is 7, 8 or 10 mm, i.e. to determine the outer diameter of the finning (B) one should add two widths of the strip to the cartridge electric heater diameter. Upon an individual order it is possible to make finning with the strip of different width.

At bending in half the axle base (D) shall be not less than 3 widths of the finning strip.

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