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Basic advantages of electric furnaces-kamenka

A strong welded steel frame provides durability!

A room for stones allows to contain 80 kg of stones in the most low-power furnace that promotes long preservation of heat!

The accommodation of  Tubular Electric Heater does not admit to critical hit of the water, which is capable to make them be out of action!

Here there are fireguards that separate stones from Tubular Electric Heater, it prevents deformation of Tubular Electric Heater at the contact to extending stones!

A control panel of the electric furnace - kamenka is located out of a sweating room, and it provides comfortable conditions for controlling of the device!

Air exchange is organized in such a manner that cold air passes through reheat stones from bottom to top!

OXYGEN IN A SWEATING ROOM IS NOT BURNT OUT! The temperature of decomposition of oxygen is 1500°С, the temperature on the environment of Tubular Electric Heater does not exceed 450-500°С!

Expenses for the preparation of a sweating room of 10 cubic metre (up to temperature 120°С) = the cost of 1 kw-h 0,04 $ multiplies by 6 kw (the capacity of the furnace) multiplies by the time of preparation 4 h = 0,96$!

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