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The choice of capacity of the electric furnace for a bath is carried out according to volume of a sweating room. Approximately for calculation it is possible to take ratio of the electric furnace of 1 kw on 1m3 of a sweating room up to 10 m3. At volumes that are higher than 10 m3 you can take such ratio: 0,75 kw on 1 m5. The specified ratio are used for sweating rooms with good heat insulation. If there are surfaces of walls made of concrete, bricks or stones in a sweating room, it is necessary to add to calculating volume about 1,4 m3 on each square meter of a wall from the specified materials.

Before you begin to install an electric furnace, it is necessary to check the following things:
- the voltage of an electric furnace and a control panel has the same voltage as that of the mains;
- the control panel has the same capacity and model as that of the electric furnace;
- the capacity of an electric furnace has the same volume as that of the sweating room. The volume must not be below minimal volume for the chosen furnace (see Instruction);
- the current limit of protective devices and the section of the having cable are sufficient for capacity of the furnace. (see Instruction);
- the place of allocation of an electric furnace allows to provide fireproof standoffs around the furnace according to the circuit of installation;
- The control device of an electric furnace (thermostat and the timer of a bath) is located on the side to which the easy approach is provided. If it is necessary, it is possible to transfer the control panel by a qualified electrician on the necessary side of the furnace according to the Instruction

It is necessary to take into account the minimal fireproof distances up to flaring up surfaces of a bath at the installation of an furnace in a sweating room. It is permitted to install the electric furnace directly on a wooden floor. The wall from the back side of каmеnka must not be reveted with plates from asbestos, because similar covering causes abrupt rise in temperature of materials of a wall, and also evolves unhealthy substances for a person. It is impossible to install kamenka in a niche and there must not be deaf (indistinct) enclosure around it. Allowable material of reveting of walls and a ceiling is deal board from soft deciduous breeds of wood. Only one kamenka can be installed in a sweating room.


The remote board is installed outside of a sweating room in a dry place on a bath wall according to the installation instruction. The deviation from recommendations leads to danger of occurrence of fire.

ATTENTION! In front of the control panel of the board there must be a pass in width not less than 0,8 m for service.

Temperature monitor is installed above an electric furnace - kamenka according to the installation instruction. Heat resisting wires are connected to the monitor.

The connection of an electric furnace and control panel to the electric system can be carried out by only qualified electrical engineer. There are necessary detailed circuits of the connection in the installation and operation instruction.

ATTENTION! The use of wiring with polyvinylchloride isolation in the connection of kamenka to a power circuit is forbidden in view of its instability to high temperatures. It is necessary to use a heat-resistant (up to 180 °С) wire for connection of an electric furnace. All electrodevices installed at height over 100 sm from a floor, must be approved to operation at temperature 125 °С.

On the control panel (on the remote board) you choose desirable temperature in a sweating  room. The certain position of the handle corresponds to the certain temperature in a sweating room. Then having installed clockwork in the necessary position, the heating of an electric furnace switches on on warming up. The alarm bulb of red color on a control board shows, that there is heating. After you used a sweating room the electric furnace is switched off by repeated pressing of button " start / stop " and switching off the knife switch on the right side of the board and as a result of it alarm lights on the control board become dim, showing, that kamenka is deenergized. If it is necessary, (if you forgot to switch off), the clockwork of the switch will take care of automatic deenergizing of current (on heating Tubular Electric Heater). The installation of temperature of bath heating is carried out smoothly (stepless).

If in case of defects in the system of regulation the temperature will achieve the value, dangerous for self-ignition of wooden parts, the terminator of temperature in the gauge will deenergize current of the electric furnace. After decreasing the temperature to a normal level and eliminating defects, protective device can be returned into working position (or can be replaced by a new one).

The timer serves the main switch of kamenka, works from the electric system, with a range of adjustment of 12 hours. The current can be  deenergized from kamenka up to the established operating time by pressing a button "Start / stop".

It is recommended to install handrails or a handle around kamenka. They must be executed according to the minimal distances indicated in the instruction, from trees of soft deciduous breeds.

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