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A Tubular Electric Heater

“ADIPOL” Minsk Plant of Tubular Electric Heaters  is using modern technology of  Tubular Electric Heater’s production. The workflow consists of the following types of the main actions:

Billet (production of Tubular Electric Heater’s shells from measuring pipes; production of spirals with high-resistance alloy; production of contact rods from hold drawn wire; preparation of  magnesia; production of technological  plugs from polyethylene by means of moulding);
Assembly ( assembly of heating element; assembly of  Tubular Electric Heater’s  case; assembly of  a Tubular Electric Heater);
Machining of a Tubular Electric Heater’s case;
Check operations.

You can see capabilities of our production in the following table.

Parameter Production capabilities
Detailed length of a Tubular Electric Heater 200-6000 millimeters;
External diameter 6,5; 7,4; 8,0; 10; 13; 16 millimeters;
Material of a shell material: stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, brass, titanium, fluorocarbon polymer;
  Electro technical periclase, which has a model ППЭ in accordance with State Standard 13236-83;
C. A CONTACT PART stud M5, M4, M3 or different contact plates 
D. A SPIRAL spiral with high-resistance alloy in accordance with State Standard 12766.1-90
Power 0,01 – 12 kV( taking into account limiting Power of Tubular Electric Heaters in accordance with State Standard 13268-88;
Voltage 12;24;36;42;48;60;127;229;380 V
Assembly of Tubular Electric Heater in block in accordance with construction has not any technological limitation
Configuration has not any technological limitation in accordance with characteristic of material
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