Cartridge Heaters

Cartridge Heaters

At present, cartridge heaters of one-end type are widely used. Cartridge heater is a cylindrical shell tightly capped at one end with round bottom, on the other end there are contact pins or wire for connection of the power supply. In some cases in low-voltage heaters with voltage up to 42V one of the pins is connected to the sheath of the heater. Cartridge heaters can be equipped with a built-in thermocouple at the request of the customer. 

Cartridge heaters are used for heating molds and press molds, plastic and sealant gun and also instead of two-end heaters when it is required to replace the burnt heater with minimal disassembly of the product. 

The plant manufactures round cross-section cartridge heaters with an outer diameter from 6 to 32mm and oval cross section cartridge heaters with size of 6x12mm, the length of heaters are from 30 mm to 6 meters. The shell material is stainless steel. Contact pins are made in the form of rigid rods or flexible heat-resistant wires of required length which can be additionally protected by a metal sleeve, metal braid or heat-resistant cambric insulation. 

Cartridge heaters can be equipped with fixtures in the form of fittings, bars, etc.  

When assembling the cartridge heaters into the product the condition of guaranteed contact of the heater with the heated surface shall be met, which is achieved by installing the heater into the hole with minimum clearance (up to 0,03mm). Cartridge heaters with high specific surface power 15÷25 W/cm2 or operating at temperature of 350÷600°C should be installed into the product with clearance not more than 0,03 mm and by use of special conductive pastes. 

Technical Characteristics



Shell diameter (D)

6-32 mm

Heater length (L)

30 - 6000 mm

Cold part length (Lk)

from 5 mm

Pin length (Lp)



0,01 – 10,0 kW


1 – 600 V