Electric furnace-kamenka

Electric furnace-kamenka

«Adipol» CJSC manufactures electric furnace-kamenka intended for receiving of dry and damp heat in steam rooms of collective and individual using. Electric furnace-kamenka ensures failure-free operation in fitness clubs, health centers, hotels, indoor swimming pools, family saunas.

Electric furnace-kamenka welded frame is used as a box for a considerable quantity of stones (80-150kg), for installation of tubular electric heaters made of stainless steel, terminal blocks and covers.  

  • The housing design does not admit to hit of the water on heating elements. 
  • Stones in the box accumulate the heat and don’t touch the heating elements (what is important for durable work). 
  • The covers protect the heating elements and heated surfaces of the housing safely. They are attached to the body with bolts and hooks. 
  • The electric furnace-kamenka housing is available in two versions: 
  • The electric furnace is made of mirror stainless steel  for consumers with high requirements for appearance; 
  • The electric furnace is completely made of painted carbon steel and has the necessary capacity and durability for intensive use. 

Tubular electric heaters (TEH) installed at the bottom and along two inner side surfaces of the housing provide dry steam with a temperature up to 120°C. Each group of heaters is an autonomous section. 

The electric furnace is equipped with a remote control panel intended to control and keep the room temperature, switching on / off of the electric furnace. The control panel is located out of the steam room what provides comfortable operation of the electric furnace.