The quality of our products is confirmed by many years of experience and is provided by highly qualified specialists and modern technological equipment.

All production of  Closed Joint-Stock Company “ADIPOL” satisfy the requirements of marking CE and EAC.

Declaration of conformity of our products to ТРТС 004/2011 requirements «On the safety of low-voltage equipment» is confirmed by Belarusian State Institute of Standardization and Certification) BELGISS, by representative member of products certification of Republic of Belarus and Russia.

Warranty life time of a tubular electric heater is 1 year from the moment of sale but no more than 2 years from the moment of put out.

Mean life of work is 10000 hours of continuous work.

Verification and testing of producing output at all stages of production are realized in accordance with State Standard 19108-81 and State Standard 13268-88. Requirements to separate parameters of tubular electric heater exceed requirements of State Standard.

  Сертификат ГОСТ 13268-88