“ADIPOL” Minsk Plant of Tubular Electric Heaters  is using modern technology of  Tubular Electric Heater’s production. The workflow consists of the following types of the main actions:

  • Billet (production of Tubular Electric Heater’s shells from measuring pipes; production of spirals with high-resistance alloy; production of contact rods from hold drawn wire; preparation of  magnesia; production of technological  plugs from polyethylene by means of moulding);
  • Assembly ( assembly of heating element; assembly of  Tubular Electric Heater’s  case; assembly of  a Tubular Electric Heater);
  • Machining of a Tubular Electric Heater’s case;
  • Check operations.

Production capabilities

Detailed length of a Tubular Electric Heater: 200 - 6000 mm. 
Material of a shell material: stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, brass, titanium, fluorocarbon polymer..
Electro technical periclase, which has a model ППЭ in accordance with State Standard 13236-83;.
A spiral with high-resistance alloy in accordance with State Standard 12766.1-90
Power: 0,01 – 12 kV( taking into account limiting Power of Tubular Electric Heaters in accordance with State Standard 13268-88;
Voltage: 12; 24; 36; 42; 48; 60; 127; 220;380; 600 V

It’s possible to produce Tube Electric Heaters in accordance with customer drawings and requirements