Finned Tubular Electric Heaters

Finned Tubular Electric Heaters

To increase heat transfer in the process of heating the air the finning is often used. Tubular electric heaters with finning are mainly applied to heat air and used in industrial and household electrical air heaters, convectors, fan heaters and other systems.  

The construction consists of a tubular electric heater with finning tightly fitting to its active surface and made of steel (carbon or stainless steel) corrugated tape wound on the shell of the tubular electric heater spirally and welded to it at the edges using electric welding.  

Due to increase of the surface area it is possible to get greater power with a more compact product size or to reduce the watt load of the heating element what increases the service life of the product. 

The finning is effective only during significant airflow not less than 6 m/s. 

We are able to manufacture not only standard form but also according to the customer's drawings.